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Francesco Cipollone

Acting Virtual CISO
I’m Francesco, a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and cybersecurity advisor who specialises in strategy and cloud security. Fuelled with passion, curiosity and dissatisfaction for the status quo, I believe in protecting the cyberspace one the company at the time and creating a safer, more connected world for future generations.
I'm currently helping HSBC building their cybersecurity architecture and application security practice and I’m acting virtual CISO for ELEXON.
In my spare time, I’d love to give back to the cybersecurity community and I'm a keen contributor. I’m the co-author of several books on network and security.
I’m the chair of the cloud security alliance for UK & Ireland, we organize events, meetups and webinars as well as producing a number of whitepapers. I’m also an active member of the ISC2 London Chapter. I’m the host of both the Cyber Security & Cloud Podcast (#CSCP) and #Cyber #MentoringMonday podcast with the community. We started the #mentoringmonday with Tanya Janca and the podcast to support the initiative. The mentorship community is inclusive with a focus to empower women in cybersecurity as well as young minds. I am a mentor and coach in the community, and I’ve launched the activity in order to help the future generation of cybersecurity expert. 
I've delivered effective cybersecurity transformation for my client in Financial services such as Nationwide, Charles Taylor, Capita Asset Management, Link Asset Management.
I've also delivered a cybersecurity improvement programme for different sectors, amongst my clients: United Nations (WFP and FAO), National Lottery (Camelot), Vodafone, BT, Telecom Italia.