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Mr. Jeff Tutton

Intersec Worldwide
President, President Cybersecurity DFIR and Remediation Services

Mr. Tutton has conducted over 200 onsite security assessments, Incident Response and Remediation projects for some of the largest and most complex merchants, processors, card brands, and banks in the world and has over fifteen years’ experience in in the Regulatory and Security Compliance industry. Mr. Tutton was the lead Incident Responder and Remediation Project Manager for a team of 50 top Cybersecurity Engineers for a Global Cybersecurity multi-year project for a Fortune 5 Company. Mr. Tutton was the lead Remediation Expert for a global financial institution 5-year project. Mr. Tutton is recognized as a leading subject matter expert (SME) in the fields of Information and PCI Security. Mr. Tutton holds a Master of Science in Information Security and Secure Electronic Commerce from the University of London, Royal Holloway; the world’s leading University in IT Security. Mr. Tutton was the first Forensics Expert and QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) to lead and successfully complete a major data breach remediation project for a Fortune 5 company. Mr. Tutton holds certifications – CISSP, CISA, CCFE, CEH, MSc., PCI-QSA, PA-QSA. Mr. Tutton has served as the court expert witness for several high-profile data breaches, incident response and Cybersecurity related lawsuits. Mr. Tutton has led several multi-million-dollar Incident Response, Forensics and Remediation projects to successful completion.